Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Abortion- Being Evicted From Your Apartment

Bhagavad-gita 2.12--London, August 18, 1973 [Excerpt...]

...There is no limit how many living entities are there. If you search out, after passing stool, if you search out stool, you’ll find millions of living entities, germs. Even from the hole of your room, there is small hole, and there are ants, hundreds and thousands will come out.

So similarly, within the hole, within the earth, within the air, within the fire even, there are germs, worms in the fire. These rascals, they do not know. They simply think... Because nitya, nitya means ever-existing. So in the fire the living entities does not die. They sterilize. “Now it is sterilized.” That is all nonsense. Sterilized means the body is killed, but not this... There is abortion. The body is killed. Contraception... The body is killed. But the soul, he’s not killed. If you make some inconvenience to the soul, who has taken shelter in the womb, and you kill the body, then he’ll have to search out another body. This is going on. Just see how the rascal civilization is going on. They’re thinking they’re killing. This way killed, that way killed. No. You, it is sinful because you create inconvenience to that particular soul.

He was taking shelter, karmana daiva-netrena jantur dehopapattaye [SB 3.31.1]. By his karma he was given shelter to develop a body, and if you kill that body, that means you go against the order of the Supreme. Daiva-netrena, suppose you are destined to occupy some room, and somebody does not allow you to enter that room, is it not criminal? It is criminal, unlawful detention, unlawful... It is unlawful, even in the state.

Similarly, a living entity is developing one body, and if you kill that, you become immediately criminal, punishable. And the living entity who is checked to develop the body, he’s put into inconvenience, he’s also sinful. He’s also sinful. Therefore it may be simply he’s wandering from one womb to another, one womb to another. Because he committed that sinful activity abortion. Now the man who causes his abortion, he also being punished, that “You’ll never see the light of this world. You’ll simply have to live one womb to another, one womb to another. Go on.” So nature’s punishment is like that. But these foolish people they do not know.

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